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How It Works

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Welcome to Read2Earn Income Program, a news website that pays readers with affiliate commission and activities bonus.

There are two major ways to earn on Read2Earn Income

Read2Earn Ad Revenue Sharing- With R2E, participant earns activities point by login in to their Read2Earn account daily, reading news, and even sharing assigned sponsored post on social media. We share our ads revenue with you weekly once you are able to reach the #3000 minimum threshold.

RAP: Read2Earn Affiliate Program - With RAP, you are automatically an affiliate after successful registration. As an affiliate, you earn a commission of 20% = N200 per referral on anyone who joins Read2Earn income through your referral link. The more people you refer to join, the more 20% commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantage of Read2Earn Income opportunity daily, you will be earning N2,000 Naira in a day on referrals alone. Isn't that amazing?

Who Can Participate and Why Should you Join Read2Earn Income

Anyone with daily expenses can take part in this ncome Program. It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, or anyone who wish to earn money online. Take advantage of your Facebook friends, Twitter, WhatsApp, phone contacts, and stop wasting your precious time online.

If you are a student, getting started with Read2Earn Income is a great decision as an affiliate because there are lot of students like you on campus who are in need of cash daily. Entry fee is affordable for anyone. The economy has changed a lot over the past few months with the present government tenure.

Employers are hiring less full time employees and more part timers so they don’t have to pay benefits. Becoming an affiliate and getting involved with earning opportunities online is the best option for you.

How Can I Earn On Read2Earn Income

1. NAP: As an affiliate, you earn 20% per each referral. Meaning that, when you introduce your friends to participate on Read2Earn Income, you earn N200 Naira from their premium membership entry fee.

2As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part in Read2Earn income activities weekly depending on our weekly income and once you reach 3k minimum threshold.

3. Registration Bonus: You earn N200 naira as a new registered member.

4. Active daily login: You earn N50 when you login to your account daily.

5. View/Reading news: You earn from N10 on each news you read.

6. Sharing sponsored post on Facebook: We assign a sponsored post to members on the home page to share on their Facebook timeline daily, you earn N100 Naira daily on assigned post you share as recommended.

How To Register And Get Started

To join Read2Earn, you need to purchase Read2Earn premium membership with a token amount of N1,000 Naira only (one time payment).

NOTE: We have only 2 payment options available which include using Coupon code / e-pin or Paystack online payment with either your card or bank for instant approval without delay. We recommend payment online or using coupon code purchased from Read2Earn Coupon distributors below:

How To Cash Out / Withdraw Your Earning

Once you have the minimum of 3k earnings on your dashboard, you can use the withdraw button on your dashboard. Payments are made every Saturdays. But you will have to request for withdraw at least 72hours before then.

Please note: Sharing of our sponsored post on your Facebook account is compulsory for payment. Your Facebook page will be verified thoroughly before your payment can be approved.